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I taught information literacy to hundreds of students, in nearly 30 classes, ranging from EN 097 to CLS100 to SOC265. My approach with working with faculty for their classes was to create as unique and tailored experience for each class by offering instructors a literacy information menu:

  • Catalog search: 10 minutes
  • Databases: 10 minutes per database
  • Subject guides: 10 minutes
  • eBooks: 10 minutes
  • Using MelCat: 15 minutes
  • Citations: 15 minutes
  • Periodicals vs Magazines (different types of information): 10 minutes
  • Google tools (Advanced search in google, Google Scholar, other tips/tricks): 15 minutes
  • Internet Resources (Using Wikipedia responsibly, defining good websites vs bad, Library’s Selected Internet Resources): 10 minute

By introducing this methodology in my information literacy classes, I found the professors felt they were able to narrow down on the content they wanted taught, classes ran smoother, and time was better used. Other things I introduced to the worksheets was including our branded logo with links to our social media outlets, library contact information, and additional research and citational help. The theory is that if students have any questions, concerns, or comments about the paper they are working on for that class or any class, they can contact the library at any time, day or night.

In addition to the menu system, I also created worksheets for each class as well as general use worksheets. Examples provided below: