Picture of Lisa, age 2, sitting in a chair and holding a telephone reciever.

Who is Lisa Rabey?

I’m a Jane of all trades.

How did I get this way? A path that took me from managing a convenience store when I was 20 (too young to buy alcohol but old enough to sell), to stuffing sausages at a meat packing plant one summer, spreading my charm in retail for too long, selling books for forever, working in tech while the internet was a baby, and managing content. I have two Bachelor degrees (English Lit and Art History) and three Master (Humanities, Library Science, and Archival).

So what do I exactly do?

A lot!

  • Content Writing (articles, essays, blog, social media)
  • Social Media Management and Creation
  • WordPress Management (.com and .org)
  • Copy Editing and Writing
  • Tailored Research
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Group and One-on-One Training
  • Knowledge Management
  • Information Architecture
  • Taxonomy and Metadata
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Create Prompts and Summaries for Generative AI
  • Community Outreach and Engagement

My resume and portfolio will give you lots more detail.

You can find me across the internet as @heroineinabook.